Munich-based artist Yuliya Grzmehle paints sensual and slightly-feral fantasy world. Influenced by the modernist movement - expressionism, her art is a passion, feeling that she expresses on canvas. However, her personal style extends the boundaries of classical expressionism. It includes abstract, modern and innovative elements, making her art so unique and origin.

All her art paintings are full of symbols such as freedom, beauty, love and fantasy. By mixing colors and playing with light and shadow, she gains the deepness in her works. That what makes them fresh, fascinating and original. Her incredible style distinguishes her from other artists on the national and international area.

Yuliya Grzmehle is a budding New Contemporary artist, born in Ukraine and based in Munich. Yuliya works on a global scale and collaborates with other well-known Instagrammers, artists from all over the world. She became a finalist of the Art Basel Miami 2019 from Artbox.

Grzmehle completed anatomical and figure drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. She studied also under famous artists as Christopher Croft, Elina Deberdeva, Wolfgang Müller-Jakob, Anette Bley. Her art was exhibited on two continents, Europe and USA. Her artworks are already in the private collections Europe-wide. Grzmehle's works are created through the impasto style by living strong, quick and thick draws of a brush and a painting-knife. This way she highlights significant subjects in her works. The process starts with an acrylic underpainting on canvas and continues with oil for tender feelings. Each painting is covered with many layers of oil glazes to emphasize depth and detail.

✨ 2019 – Art Basel Miami, USA

✨ 2020 – Financial Center, Munich, Germany

✨ 2020 – Swiss Art Expo, Zurich, Switzerland

✨ 2020 - Three Hearts, Garden Exhibition, Munich, Lochhausen

✨ 2021 – Valid World Hall, Barcelona, Spain

The artist’s works are in private collections in Europe.

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